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Maui commercial photography focuses on affordable real estate and vacation rental photography. Since 2005 we have been producing expert high quality professional commercial photography for MLS, VRBO, Houzz, personal websites, and magazines for Maui and mainland real estate agents and vacation rental managers and owners on this beautiful island. Photography services for luxury home rentals, architectural design, and interior design round out our portfolio. We focus on your product by creating clean creative images that will inform your portfolio and market your product to your aesthetic clients. We also provide Maui restaurants and hotels with food photography for their ad campaigns and image placement throughout their properties. For a free courteous island style consultation with Aloha regarding your project, please call Joe D'Alessandro, owner / photographer, Maui Commercial Photographers:



Luxury Home Rental Photo Assignment

Real Estate / Vacation Rental Photography

Maui vacation rentals are hot. There is a huge demand for ocean front properties in the vacation rental market on Maui. There's also a lot of those units out here so you need to get really great images of your unit to capture the attention of qualified vacation clientele. Your I-phone has a great camera but it cannot possibly do the job necessary to balance the contrast difference between the inside of your unit and the windows facing the ocean. Your view will get blown out or your room will be dark and murky. For a reasonable investment you can leave the professional photography of your Maui condo or Maui luxury home to us whether it's VRBO marketing, MLS sales, magazine exposure, your personal business website, Google business, etc. Your R.O.I. is short and the investment you make will keep returning dividends year after year until you remodel and need to have us photograph it again! Our packages provide at least 20 retouched images for each unit we shoot along with limited reproduction rights, a digital download, and a quick 48 hour turn around. All for a low price that will keep the business manager happy!


Give us a call or drop an email for a free no hassle consultation. We would love to share our Mana'o with you.



Architecture and Design

We create dynamic professional imagery for Home Builders, Architects, and Interior Designers. We custom tailor our photography packages to your needs; whether it's a web listing or a magazine spread, we can bring the personnel and equipment needed to fulfill your requirements on time and on budget. Maui Commercial Photography offers free consultations on the type of photo shoot that is best suited for your project. Sometimes we need to bring the full portable studio to your home, other times an HDR shoot will work perfectly for your situation.


Call us for a customized proposal consultation to determine what's best for your property and budget: 808.385.2247



Restaurant Photography

Menus are always evolving and restaurant advertising is heavily dependent on dynamic imagery. We bring our photography studio to your restaurant or kitchen and create the type of professional advertising campaign you need. From casual dining to elegant restaurants we have advertising packages for all budgets. Call us for a custom quote:



Maui Interior Design Photography


Please check out or blog occasionally. It isn't always filled with shameless self promotion with stacked keywords and alt-tags. Sometimes we post some personal images from our travels around Maui or interesting things we see along the road of life.




Professional auto biographical information about me, Joe D'Alessandro (not the actor in Andy Warhol films) which also includes some additional images we have shot over the years that don't quite fit into a particular category. If you have a question about your photography needs for the project you are embarking on give us a call or drop an email.


Maui Luxury Home Photography


We are here on Maui and only shoot on Maui however we will travel to Hana, Kapalua, or any other Maui destination you need. We don't do dinner cruises on boats but we might do your wedding if you ask nicely!

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