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Maui interior design photographer

Back in the winter of 2020, before the bottom fell out and the 22 mile trip from the airport to Kaanapali might take 2 hours, the good folks at Dorothy Draper in NYC called me with a potential interior design project on Maui for a magazine spread they were creating. We met a few weeks later at a sweet little 30 year old ocean front condo on the southern edge of Lahaina which they had gutted and remodeled in 2019 in the inimitable Dorothy Draper style, a style which has been described by some as "anti minimalism". The meeting went well and I was confident about booking the gig and then the world, and my phone, went silent. I had pretty much forgotten about this meeting until I got a call from them in March of 2021. We were on! We packed up the van and headed out for the full day shoot and I'm happy to say that both the client and the homeowners were very happy.

To contact me for your interior design photo shoot please keep my cell phone buzzing: 1-808-385-2247


Wailea, Maui is home to some of the most creative people from around the world and boasts some of the most spectacular views of Maui Nui. Graphic artist Mike and his interior designer wife Debbie were looking for a place on Maui to finally create a warm and inviting full time home, far from the noise and cold of Chicago, where they could see their inner vision reflected in the architecture around them. They found their place above Wailea in a little neighborhood and proceeded to gut and redesign a 30 year old home. After 2 years of work Debbie knew the house was ready and she contracted with us to capture the finished product of this amazing home for her outstanding portfolio. And yes, Debbie really does play that gorgeous piano.

If your Maui design portfolio needs to be updated with your recent work call me for a consultation. 1-808-385-2247 or visit

Luxury Maui Kitchen Design

Maui is home to a vibrant and diverse community of artists, designers, architects, and builders who in some instances have grouped together to create a loosely knit hui (partnership) type approach to the design and construction of high end luxury homes on the Valley Isle. The results are pretty spectacular. The collaborative effort shines when viewing the way the outdoors melds with the indoors in color, light and textures, highlighting the spectacular views through fully opened glass walls.

As a professional photographer on Maui I get to photograph these beautiful structures for professional portfolios, sales and rental brochures, and media advertising. It is a passion of mine to transfer the detail and feel of a dwelling to an audience while capturing the vision of the artists who created it.

Maui Commercial Photography by Joe D'Alessandro offers reasonably priced professional photography services to clients on the island of Maui. You can view my website and portfolio here.

Mahalo for reading!

Newly renovated Maui condo rental

I've been getting quite a few calls lately from vacation rental owners here on Maui who have spent the Covid downtime refreshing the look of their condo units. As we begin to open up more, updated and refreshed photography will help your unit rent. If it's been been 5 years or longer since you've had your marketing imagery shot it's time to refresh. There's probably a new couch or chair or flatscreen that's been added to the rental and you'll want to have them represented. Also over the last 5 or 10 years, the image process has improved significantly especially if your photos are from an old I-Phone 3. If you own one of these Maui vacation rentals you owe it to yourself and your cash flow to get it shot again, by a professional. We offer reasonable rates, professional service, and attractive R.O.I. Maui Commercial Photographers 1-808-385-2247


In January 2020 the occupancy rate for all vacation rental units on Maui was north of 90%. Owning a vacation rental was like owning a printing press that spit out cash. In Jan of 2021 the Maui vacation rental occupancy rate was 41%. The upshot to this is the fact that if you own a vacation rental your online listing is competing for fewer eyeballs. In an economic downturn the natural inclination of business is to cut expenses but it is important to understand the difference between an expense and an investment. By refreshing your online image content with professional, colorful, dynamic photography you will increase your bookings by helping your rental stand out from the dull cell phone images presented by your competitors. One condo is very much the same as the next condo, one edge you have in booking your condo over your neighbors condo is how bright and appealing your imagery is. Call us for an reasonable professional photography quote: 1-808-385-2247 or email


During times like these we tend to worry about our businesses instead of being proactive and planning for a future when this emergency has passed. In the case of your Maui vacation rental this is the time to plan for upgraded photography for your listing. While cancellations are extraordinarily distressing and our tendency is to cut back on all our expenses, preparing to upgrade you photography will place you ahead of your competition when the economy comes back and the competition for vacation units will be fierce. There will be a huge supply of vacancies and price, amenities, and location will be the deciding factors for your potential renters. Keeping eyeballs on your listing long enough for your potential clients to assess your property is a challenge that requires dynamic updated imagery. That's our job and we do it well. We have photographed thousands of properties over the last 20 years and have the google reviews to prove that our Maui photography services and standards lead the industry. Call us for a quote. You're probably working from home anyway right now and...


My good friends at Pacific Source Maui have been supplying this island with premium quality building supplies and appliances since 1993. The team at Pacific Source has also been providing professional customer service to their clients and recently decided to use us as their "go to" photographer when they have advertising and publication needs. This most recent photo shoot promotes the Sub Zero and Wolf products they rep and to put a personal face on the products and service they provide by agreeing to model for the shoot. The staff at Pac Source also exhibited some of their vast design skills by dressing the set for me by the time I arrived.

I enjoy the challenge of a location shoot and particularly like working with my friends in their businesses whether it's products, real estate, vacation rentals, or interior design. There's a large contingency of talented Maui professionals and I am humbled that many of them contract with me to represent their work.



Local Maui entrepreneurs Tyler and Jeremy needed marketing photography for the nationwide rollout of their new line of weighted blankets designed to help relieve anxiety. Professional photography is integral to lifestyle marketing campaigns and we offer reasonable pricing and creative imagery with a no drama attitude! Give us a call 1-808-385-2247 about your project and we will come up with a plan!

Maui Interior Design Photographer

We use the term natural light in photography to describe the process of capturing an image without using a man made source of light such as a strobe. That doesn't mean we don't reflect or redirect or scrim the light to suit our needs, but it does mean that we use only the light coming into the room from outside. Since color palettes are critical to an interior designer's project, capturing the interplay and subtlety of that palette is the first requirement a photographer needs to meet to be able to satisfy a professional designer.

Consistency of the light source: Light is electromagnetic radiation visible to the eye as colors between red and violet. No matter the source, the light being used to photograph our client's color palette will affect the way those colors are reproduced. An old style typical incandescent electric bulb throws out warm yellow light, halogens go pink, florescent a sickly green, but this is only in relationship to the color of daylight or natural light. If the design being shot has light fixtures fitted with anything but 5000k daylight bulbs we turn...

Maui Vacation Rental Photography

What's that you say? Affordable? On Maui? Well, yes indeed! We didn't say "cheap" because that would connote something that isn't durable or professional. Our professional photography packages are truly "affordable" because the return on investment for one of our professional photo shoots for a 1/1 Maui vacation rental is about one extra booking. Since a typical visitor to a website spends an average of about 15 seconds actually looking at the content dynamic, vibrant imagery is one way to keep those eyeballs glued to what you are selling. If the images representing your vacation rental or real estate listing are shot from your cell phone with blown out windows, dark interior spaces or bizarre angles, you are losing out on sales. A bright, saturated hero shot on your listing makes an impression on potential clients. Clean lines, and realistic interior colors present a professional image. Give Maui Commercial Photographers a call to discuss your listing or rental and how you can show your potential clients what you offer in it's best light. 1-808-385-2247.



There are many excellent vacation rental complexes in the Kaanapali resort which features golf, tennis, shops and of course, one of the world's finest beaches. We have been contracted by one of Maui's larger vacation management companies to photograph many of their units at The Maui Eldorado for their website and promotional material. As the units get upgraded we capture new images to keep their inventory fresh and their website updated. Professional imagery for your Maui vacation rental, whether it's a luxury home or a studio unit, is an important tool for increasing vacancy rates. Our costs are reasonable and often one or two nights of additional bookings will more than pay for the cost of the shoot. We offer high resolution files, digital download and extensive editing on all our vacation rental and real estate photography packages at an affordable price. We also offer a discount for management companies that contract us for more than 10 units. Call us for details: 1-808-385-2247



The Whaler Resort, Ka'anapali, Maui

Aloha and welcome to The Whaler Resort on Ka'anapali Beach in Lahaina, Maui. A national vacation rental management agency asked us to go up to the the 11th floor of this beautiful building and photograph this newly remodeled unit. The views from the lana'i are incredible and the remodel was done with style, focusing on the beach theme that is so apparent here on Maui. Getting fresh imagery of your vacation rental is important for bookings. We include amenities and grounds imagery with all of our quotes. If you upgrade the floors, furniture, even the appliances, your clients will notice in your new VRBO or web placement. Joe D'Alessandro of Maui Commercial Photographers specializes in capturing the dynamic views and upgraded design of your oceanfront vacation rental, whether it's a studio in Kahana or a luxury home in Wailea you should update your imagery every time you refresh your unit. Discounts for management agencies are available. Call for details 1-808-385-2247


maui luxury home photographer

A local realty management company approached us to do a full blown photo shoot at one of his Maui luxury homes up above the Ka'anapali Resort in Lahaina. This home had been completely remodeled and needed the full portable studio treatment. We brought our lights and power packs, and did what needed to be done to get the most out of the home. These types of shoots are a bit more expensive than the HDR condo shoots due to the technical challenges and the time it takes to set up each shot. The results of this type of professional photography are far superior to HDR and the ROI for Maui luxury home photography is pretty quick given the cost of rentals.

If you're not sure what type of service you need for your vacation rental photography on Maui get in touch with us and we can discuss services, quality and budget. Mahalo!


Polipoli Maui

Sometimes when you work for yourself in a one man shop you have to get away from the computer and the S.E.O. nightmare of html tags, social media, SERP's and G-Suite login failures (and I'm only a photographer), take a deep breath and get out on the road to upcountry, to the backside of Maui, past Morihara's, beyond Ulupalakua Ranch, Grandma's Coffee House, and Oprah's estate, far from the resorts and weddings and food trucks, beyond the opulent concrete and steel indoor spas inside massive hotels where faux waterfalls run 24/7 on precious Maui aquifer water delivered by electric pumps powered from MECO's diesel generators...

Out here you can get some sense of space, the beauty of Maui undiluted. You can hear the ocean and the rustling of grasses at 4000'. This is the reason you came, and against all odds, stayed for decades. So instead of a shameless self promotional plug for my photography services I just thought I'd post some Maui shots I have been fortunate enough to capture when I just stopped and looked and remembered....


Up the hill, just above the cerulean pacific ocean that washes up along the shores of West Maui, we were fortunate enough to be contracted by an Oahu based magazine to photograph an ultra modern kitchen in a newly remolded home in an established neighborhood. With both mountain and ocean views, this kitchen invited the outdoors in without intruding on the perfection of nature just outside the sliders. Our hosts were gracious and the design was spectacular. Maui has a number of creative interior designers, and homeowners who appreciate them. This clean and elegant modern design incorporates both aesthetics and functionality. It's even dog friendly!

kitchen1 (1).jpg

The great gathering place in the home is generally the kitchen. There's a buzz of activity especially during the holidays when the hosts prepare the meal and the guests either pitch in or lean on the counters sipping wine and offering their advice on the best stuffing or the worst politician. Kitchen design is an essential component in any home construction or remodel. Not only does it make entertaining more enjoyable, it also increases the resale value of the property. We have had the pleasure of photographing kitchens around Maui. Happily for those of us living in paradise, designers like Pacific Source, architects like Linda Lange, and builders like Todd Boyd make it look easy.


Located in Central Maui, Pacific Source offers a variety of high end building materials including kitchens and appliances. We were recently asked to provide Pacific Source with some images for advertising and brochures. Our team did some shopping and brought in some colors and textures to create the commercial images that follow. Imagery is so important for clients and keeping your images updated allows your clients to be up to date on your latest offerings. For a free photography consultation call Joe at 1-808-242-1100.

Honua Kai Lanai

Over the past year or so we have been working with Matt and his team at Maui Resort Rentals photographing the exclusive units they manage at The Honua Kai Resort on Kaanapali Beach in Maui. The resort is a spectacularly laid out property on "Airport Beach" and the units include high end finishes and spectacular views from the lanai's. This unit is on the third floor and includes new artwork, refreshed furnishings and new carpet. The outdoor living space is well worth the price of admission and is the epitome of what island resort living on Maui should be! We photograph all kinds of real estate properties on Maui, from high end oceanfront villas to quaint bungalows, properties that have professional interior design to architectural art pieces. Be sure to contact Maui Commercial Photographers for a quote on your rental unit or other real estate photography on Maui! 1-808-242-1100

Maui living room

Not all vacation rentals are the same, especially here on Maui. We had the privilege to photograph the latest interior design work by Bassman Blaine and associates based in Costa Mesa California at their latest project on the golf course in Kaanapali. With the stunning ocean and island views to play off, Erika created an integrated palette of cool beach and ocean colors for this pristine and grand residence. From a billiards room to the 4 spectacular bedrooms, all the boxes are checked here. The large kitchen and dining area provide a panoramic view of Lana'i Molokai and the Pacific ocean while the palm trees gently sway in the ever present tradewinds.

Every home shoot presents it's own set of challenges and on Maui it's the windows. Architects and designers want to integrate the outdoor environment with the home to take advantage of Maui's unique and stunning beauty. That means windows, and lots of them. Fortunately, modern building techniques allow for entire walls to be made of sliding glass doors, to allow the breeze in and reducing our glare issues! We can make your...


In a world of cookie cutter homes and poor builder design choices, renowned Maui Architectural Designer Linda Lange has been beautifying the face of Maui, one house at at a time since the early 90's. We've known her all these years and we were excited to shoot her latest upcountry effort, and while she didn't design the home itself she created an eclectic interior design of a fabulous new construction home. Surrounded by gorgeous lanscaping and a killer view, this modest home blends rustic design elements with an urban chic flair. Linda designed the bedroom built ins and dressers as well as the kitchen island and pantry built in. Linda also selected all the interior and exterior finishes. The elegant chic powder room oozes elegance while the master bath provides an oasis of luxury finished with a heated floor for those cold upcountry mornings. Using only the finest materials, Linda has created a pleasant home you can't wait to get home to.

Andaz Residences Bedroom

Ken Bassman from Bassman - Blaine Designs of California recently booked us for another shoot, this time in Wailea at the brand new Andaz resort. The residences at Andaz are private beachfront bungalows with all the amenities of resort living and Ken added all the perfect touches of home to this magnificent unit. For you interior designers out there, Maui Commercial Photographers can document your fine designs in high resolution digital imagery for your marketing and advertising campaigns. We have reasonably priced full and half day photography packages and can accommodate any location on Maui. If you've been wondering about your website and how you can get more attention, professional imagery is the best way to keep your potential clients on your site and motivate them to call. If you've been putting off documenting your work now is the time, the economy is heating up and there are more potential clients out there that just a couple of years ago. Don't miss out on their business....


Way up high at the top of a hill in Haiku on Maui's north shore above the cane fields, you'll find The Pinnacle, a spectacular vacation rental with incredible views, a huge infinity pool and more than enough room for an extended family on an well deserved vacation to sprawl comfortably. We were lucky enough to be asked to capture some images of the house for the owners so we packed up our portable studio and headed up the hill. This shoot was only a half day, for a house this size we'd recommend a full day with lights and design as well as the twilight glow shots but we have packages for every budget and some folks don't need everything. Fortunately these clients have some images already and just wanted to update the "greatest hits" of the house which is what a half day shoot is good for. Since 2005 we have been photographing for real estate and advertising clients on Maui and we'd love to work with you! We'd be happy to chat on the phone about your Maui Commercial Photography needs and design a project that fits your...

maui lifestyle photography

The Maui lifestyle is all about casual island chic; the easy oceanfront life by poolside or the cool spaces of an open lana'i surrounded by palms and bright florals. Maui Commercial Photographers can highlight your product in a lifestyle shoot by providing professional imagery in a suitable setting focusing on your products or services. If you like we can also do professional portraiture of you in your surroundings, poolside or elsewhere, for your professional portfolio or just for your own personal use. Some of our clients just like having their portraits done in and around their spectacular Maui homes to catch and preserve a moment of their precious Maui lifestyle. 1.808.242.1100

Kaanapali Vacation Villa

There are plenty of alternatives to a run of the mill hotel room on Maui and this newly redesigned rental by Harris Realty Group in Kaanapali is one of them. Featuring 3 bedrooms and loft area this renovated golf course home has everything you need for the extended Maui family vacation including a private pool and huge deck area facing our fabulous sunsets and brilliant green golf course to the west. For those of you who need professional images like these to sell your spectacular Maui vacation villa, be sure to call our office of Maui Professional Photographers: 1.808.242.1100 or drop us a line:

Maui Real Estate Photography

Luxury homes dot the Maui landscape from Kapalua to La Perouse and around the island to Kipahulu and Hana. These magnificent abodes offer differing perspectives of their spectacular surroundings and the varied visions of their owners, designers and architects. Our mission is to capture the unique features of these homes for those designers and architects as a way to showcase their work to potential clients. A typical shoot lasts about a day and the investment will definitely pay off in increased bookings. Documenting your work and vision is imperative in today's fast paced marketing world and high resolution images for electronic media and print is a necessity. Our backyard is Maui and our specialty is Maui real estate. Contact us for a hassle free quote or just to talk story about the end of sugar cane in Hawaii or the latest winner in the big wave contest at Jaws. 808.242.1100


A recent call from a California designer who found us on Houzz led to an assignment in Haiku, Maui to photograph a beautiful home they designed. Perched atop a hill with views of Haleakala and The West Maui mountains this modest home was meticulously designed with tongue and groove ceilings, tasteful furnishings and a killer sound system with speakers located throughout the home both inside and out. Please call us for a custom quote: 808.242.1100