Marketing your Maui Vacation Rental in a Post CoviD World

In January 2020 the occupancy rate for all vacation rental units on Maui was north of 90%. Owning a vacation rental was like owning a printing press that spit out cash. In Jan of 2021 the Maui vacation rental occupancy rate was 41%. The upshot to this is the fact that if you own a vacation rental your online listing is competing for fewer eyeballs. In an economic downturn the natural inclination of business is to cut expenses but it is important to understand the difference between an expense and an investment. By refreshing your online image content with professional, colorful, dynamic photography you will increase your bookings by helping your rental stand out from the dull cell phone images presented by your competitors. One condo is very much the same as the next condo, one edge you have in booking your condo over your neighbors condo is how bright and appealing your imagery is. Call us for an reasonable professional photography quote: 1-808-385-2247 or email jdpmaui@gmail.com