Maui Vacation Rental Photography: The Pinnacle

Way up high at the top of a hill in Haiku on Maui's north shore above the cane fields, you'll find The Pinnacle, a spectacular vacation rental with incredible views, a huge infinity pool and more than enough room for an extended family on an well deserved vacation to sprawl comfortably. We were lucky enough to be asked to capture some images of the house for the owners so we packed up our portable studio and headed up the hill. This shoot was only a half day, for a house this size we'd recommend a full day with lights and design as well as the twilight glow shots but we have packages for every budget and some folks don't need everything. Fortunately these clients have some images already and just wanted to update the "greatest hits" of the house which is what a half day shoot is good for. Since 2005 we have been photographing for real estate and advertising clients on Maui and we'd love to work with you! We'd be happy to chat on the phone about your Maui Commercial Photography needs and design a project that fits your budget. Call us! 808.242.1100

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The Pinnacle: Maui Vacation Rental Photography