Newly renovated Maui condo rental

Maui vacation rental renovation photography.

I've been getting quite a few calls lately from vacation rental owners here on Maui who have spent the Covid downtime refreshing the look of their condo units. As we begin to open up more, updated and refreshed photography will help your unit rent. If it's been been 5 years or longer since you've had your marketing imagery shot it's time to refresh. There's probably a new couch or chair or flatscreen that's been added to the rental and you'll want to have them represented. Also over the last 5 or 10 years, the image process has improved significantly especially if your photos are from an old I-Phone 3. If you own one of these Maui vacation rentals you owe it to yourself and your cash flow to get it shot again, by a professional. We offer reasonable rates, professional service, and attractive R.O.I. Maui Commercial Photographers 1-808-385-2247